four 3-hour VILT sessions
in Bulgarian


Personal Profile Analysis
Accreditation Training

Hosted by one of our expert trainers, this online accreditation course will teach you everything you need to know to confidently use the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), a psychometric assessment used to understand how people behave in the workplace.

Within this course, there will be also focus on

Teams Audit

The Thomas Team Audit System allows an organization to identify the ideal team culture, assess an actual team culture and provide a gap analysis in terms of behavioural and role fit shortfall. It also assesses every team member against the team culture. Its unique strength is that the system gets to the root cause of team problems in hours rather than months. Team Audit helps you developing existing teams and assuring the right selection of individuals for the formation of new ones.


The PPA-based and Team Audit reports enable individuals and teams to align with the business, understand how each person and each team work, the strengths and limitations and the roles each individual plays to optimize on the contribution of the various team members. The user has tools to quickly analyze anyone within the organization or a team they manage and generate a very comprehensive report in minutes.


A virtual instructor led program with a great number of practical tips, on-the-spot goal setting and helpful ideas all leading to insights and change.


HR professionals willing to use a psychometric tool for:

  • effective recruitment and selection processes;
  • accurate identification of an employee’s or manager’s development areas;
  • building effective teams of successful individuals;
  • getting deeper knowledge into the team dynamics of existing and future teams.

 Key outcomes

  • To learn about the DISC-based theory that underpins the PPA.
  • To understand what the PPA measures and the multitude of ways it can be used in recruitment and development.
  • To develop the competence to administer, interpret and feedback the wealth of reports generated by the assessment.
  • To learn how best to appropriately and responsibly use the PPA.
  • To understand how to apply the assessment results in different commercial scenarios to make more confident and objective people decisions.
  • To be taught how to assess the behavioural demands of a job, as well as how to use the results of an assessment to highlight areas of both strength and likely development.
  • To learn about Thomas Team Culture Profile and understand the Team Role theory.
  • To learn how to set the ideal team culture and know what Actual team culture identifies.
  • To know how to compare Actual vs Ideal team.
  • To increases the performance levels of teams by matching them to the ideal culture needed.
  • To dramatically reduces the cost of team building by identifying root cause team problems.
  • To understand the compatibility of team members, their contribution to team and their collaboration in team.
  • To predict a team’s reaction to change and allows organisations to plan change with confidence.
  • To remove subjective team assessments (it takes hours rather than months to assess a team).


Three sessions: 1st and 2nd session – 2 days for 3 hours, 3rd session- all day

Dates for 2023 coming soon


1. For a first to be certified expert in a company = 1,060 euro, excl. VAT
2. For every next to be certified expert in a company = 800 euro, excl. VAT

Trainer: Maria Simeonova

As well as being the Executive Director of Tack TMI Bulgaria, Maria has been a leading trainer and consultant for the company for the past 2 years, having facilitated successful projects in the Telecom, IT, FMCG, Pharma, Manufacturing industries.

She has gained vast experience in business training, simulations and leadership development programs. Her expertise includes all topics in the fields of Leadership and Management, Performance Improvement and Personal Development, Team Effectiveness, Project Management and Change Management. She creates and leads Leadership and Talent programs for experts and managers.

Moreover, she is a certified practitioner in PROSCI Change Management methodology, she is also a certified expert in psychometric analysis Thomas International and a certified coach from Erickson International College.

Maria has more than 12 years’ experience in international telecommunication companies. In her career, Maria has been in a number of expert and management positions in the field of Sales, Human Recourses and Strategy, working with various teams on different project.

The unique blend of corporate experience and soft skills expertise turns her into a preferable partner for most of our clients.

During the course every future Thomas International Expert receives an INDIVIDUAL ACCESS to the Thomas Platform, which allows them to operate independently with the tools and reports of the system.