Area Date Course

Parent as Coach

The Parent as Coach Program provides easy but powerful techniques which give you the opportunity to build strong, respectful and loving relationship with your child.

Expanding Emotional Intelligence

Move Beyond Your Emotional Past and Self-Limiting Beliefs

In the Expanding Emotional Intelligence course, you will learn 9 simple ways to develop your Emotional Intelligence (EI) and create better relationships in all aspects of your life. These nine habits will help you to shift from feeling guarded and entangled to feeling centered, open and self-empowered.

The Art and Science of Mindfulness

Attain Greater Clarity in Purpose, Direction, and Action

The Art & Science of Mindfulness is Erickson’s newest innovative course, designed to address the stressful demands of modern life by integrating mindfulness into everyday interactions.

Light of the Enneagram

A journey of self-enlightenment and self-acceptance

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personality exploration utilizing ancient wisdom and is based on early relationships within the family. With the Enneagram, you can discover which one of the 9 distinct personality types is the habitual lens through which you view the world.

Deep Coaching

You have unlimited potential for mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution

Deep coaching is a training course developed to give people the opportunity to find their inner resources on a totally new level and to hear the orchestra of their deep values and inner goals as a clear wakening sign.

Couples Coaching

Achieving agreement on outcomes and goals

Like all coaching, this course is about utilizing effective question with clients, but with the specific focus on improving family dynamics.

NLP Programs

Integral NLP technologies provide a new and powerful integration of some of the best educational research impacting the world today. Merged and expanded, these methods have become the springboard for advanced, well-evolved systems for training people in creative consciousness.