An extra lever to attract, retain and motivate people

Our Clients recognised that the compensation and benefits processes belong to most important HR Processes and are critical for the organization’s success.

These processes consist of:

  • Managing the personnel expenses budget
  • Setting the performance standards
  • Setting the transparent compensation policies
  • Introducing the competitive benefits for employees

The organization with effective compensation and benefits policies and schemes drives its personnel costs, manages the performance of employees and rewards the extraordinary performance.

How Do We Support Companies?

Tack TMI Bulgaria can support you in every of the above mentioned areas if you want to make a transformation and further develop your organisation. We can match even the highest expectations since our experience and know-how are there for you. We can provide following  solutions:

  • Development of competitive compensation and benefits models
  • Base salary structure design according to organisation’s compensation strategy
  • Variable bonus schemes and sales incentive schemes design
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Benefits schemes design
  • Compensation policy development
  • Defining effective communication strategies to support successful implementation of new compensation and benefits policies and schemes

Our Clients treasure their employees as valuable assets of the organization and the competitive advantage in Human Resources Policies can generate a significant impact into the net profits and overall performance and profitability of the organization.