OD&M Compensation Research 2020
powered by Tack TMI Bulgaria

Reliable compensation and benefits survey data is now more important than ever.
Such information is essential for building a consistent pay strategy, which ensures external competitiveness and internal equity.
Our precise data collection and validation processes, coupled with the depth of our database, guarantee the delivery of high-quality data and a reliable reporting system.

In CoRe we research:

Gross Salary
monthly & annual

Guaranteed Allowances
food, transportation,
holidays, etc.

Annual Performance-Based Bonuses
target & actual

Annual Total Cash
+ Additional Benefits
+ HR Policies and Practices


  • Reliable compensation market data
  • Employee attraction and retention
  • Attractive packages for top performers
  • Competitiveness evaluation
  • Internal and external market trends and forecast
  • Salary ranges establishment
  • Internal pay equity assessment
  • HR  budget planning


  • Proven expertise
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Individual consulting
  • Detailed data
  • Confidentiality
  • Timeliness and flexibility

CoRe investigates above 800 benchmark positions in over 20 functions
from executive to most junior levels within the organizations
in the following professional areas:

  • Accounting, Finance and Control
  • Banking
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • Environment and Health & Safety
  • Gaming
  • General Management
  • General Services
  • Hotels & Recreation
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technologies
  • Legal Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations & Communication
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research & Development
  • Software Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Support & Secretary

Our TOP 3 industries:

  • Banking
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Information Techonologies

We reserach the full range of specific positions in these 3 industries and provide in-depth market information.


CoRe is based on GPS – methodology for job classification, designed to analyze and classify role within an organization and to get a proper benchmarking against the market.

Two key features define the organizational importance of a role:

  • Professional complexity – determined by the complexity of typical for the role duties and responsibilities, which allow comparison with other company roles
  • Company complexity – determined by the type and structure of the company, in which the role operates

The two variables are crossed to determine the COMPENSATION CLASS – a set of roles of similar complexity, which provide a compensation reference for comparison with the external market.

Join our Compensation Research NOW and get up-to-date market results in JUNE 2020.

If you want to take part in CoRe 2020 or you would like to know more about it, contact our CoRe team on
+359 887 274 128/ +359 886 229 422
or write to us at



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