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Tack TMI Bulgaria has been delivering Career Transition Services for more than 17 years now – career transition / outplacement is the support service some organizations provide to their employees, exiting the business (voluntarily or involuntarily), to transition to new jobs and re-orient themselves in the job market.

Career Star Group

We are members of the largest affiliation of career transition companies – Career Star Group which ensures professional and ethical approach in line with the best global practices.

"Client focus is at the core of what we do, and built into every decision we make."

Peter George, Head of Australian Operations, Career Star Group

Who we are:

  • Career Star Group is a leader in the local delivery of career transition, outplacement and redeployment services
  • We empower people and change, providing a human touch in challenging times
  • We leverage our global experience but understand that every situation is unique. Career Star Group offers solutions for any situation, from one person to a company-wide change, in one city or around the world

What makes Career Star Group exceptional?

  • Our compassion for each customer’s business and for each individual
  • 50 years of truly global experience supporting companies of all sizes
  • Innovative local teams, highly experienced and respected in their markets
  • Nearly 100% of our clients recommend us

CSG insists on the highest standards:

  • Our members and delivery partners are specifically chosen for their high quality standards and reputation. They adhere to strict global guidelines to ensure an exceptional experience, regardless of location.
  • We hire only the best coaches. Our coaches are required to complete training and certification and have extensive experience
  • We validate our quality by surveying our clients regularly throughout our relationship
  • Career Star Group enforces and monitors standards through centralized corporate reporting and governance
  • We are fully compliant with all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union

Your Partner for Career Transition, Outplacement and Redeployment Services

With Career Star Group, you will experience the simplicity of working with a single organisation while taking advantage of the expertise and resources only local firms can offer. We provide globally-informed solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your company. By partnering with Career Star Group, global coverage with local excellence becomes a reality.

"We never compromise on quality. We want 100% customer satisfaction and to achieve this, we work with the best partners."

Sophia von Rundstedt, Head of German Operations, Career Star Group


  • Creating clear understanding of what are the further career opportunities, benefits and risks in:
  • Learning & Development – getting a degree, accreditation or certification
  • Enterprenuership – creating and runnig a freelance/ consulting practice or a SME
  • Corporate Career – continuing career in the same or another field within a corporate organization


  • Supporting the process of making the decision between the opportunities and moving forward towards action in a confident and motivated manner
  • Providing individual coaching to enhance the decision making process
  • Cover all aspects of the selected change, including motivation, benefits, risks, actions towards success


  • Building solid market understanding
  • Enhancing self-awareness and focusing on future career based on personal strengths and motivation
  • Creating a customised target plan
  • Designing powerful application documents
  • Preparing for influencing interviews
  • Identifying hidden opportunities and pro-active presentation to employeers

"We have a global mindset that empowers us to maintain our core value of customer service excellence!"

Rob Notman, Head of Canadian Operations, Career Star Group

If you are interested in the our career transition services or you would like to know more about the details of a specific outplacement process, contact our team on
+359 882 351 804
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