Making Learning Stick!

Training alone is not enough. Why?

Take a look at our video to learn more about how to make learning stick.

Meeting Your Needs

Solutions for You

You have to be sure that your training and development investment translates into real results.

Our approach ensures we get to the heart of your business needs.
Our focus is on designing and implementing practical, results-oriented solutions that continuously work for your ever-changing business realities.

Genuine Global Reach

Choose to partner with TACK & TMI and you will open up a world of choice.

Bespoke learning design, customisable off-the-shelf solutions and flexible learning services are available globally, in 37 languages.

Our Project Managers and Facilitators ensure a seamless learning experience.

Genuine Personal Approach

Whether your organisation is small, medium or large, you’ll receive a personal and consultative approach from TACK & TMI.

From a single programme for a small domestic team, to an intervention for thousands, we commit to deliver value and results for every individual and organisation we work with.

Learning Services

Based on research, practical experience and our understanding of learning trends and technologies, TACK & TMI continuously develop their kitbag of services, tools and approaches to embed learning in your organisation.

We provide a range of flexible learning services to engage your Learners before, during and long after their training and development intervention.


Business Consulting

TACK & TMI Consultants take time to listen to your business needs.

Diagnostic and Assessment

TACK & TMI offer a range of diagnostic tools, 180 and 360 degree assessments and processes.

Competency Modelling

TACK & TMI develop competency models for high-performing individual contributors.

Instructional Design

TACK & TMI develop fully bespoke learning solutions and blended solutions.

Programme Customisation

TACK & TMI offer a full programme customisation service to meet your needs.


Our global Network of high-calibre facilitators ensure that resources are available for you.

Measurement and Evaluation

TACK & TMI go the extra mile to help every client achieve measurable results.

Learning Management Systems

TACK & TMI supports with integrating and embedding learning and skills into the workplace.

Business Consulting

In addition to being specialists in their field, a prerequisite for all TACK&TMI consultants is enthusiasm, passion, creativity, commitment and energy for helping clients achieve their desired business results and maximise their return on investment.

Your business is unique – and nobody knows it better than you do. TACK&TMI Consultants take time to listen and understand you, your business culture and your aspirations for the future. They will ask questions and select from a quality toolkit of world-class resources to get to the root of your business issues and work alongside you, every step of the way, to ensure your business ambitions are realised.

With over 800 high-calibre TACK&TMI Consultants across the globe, our business consulting service is accessible wherever you are and available whenever you are ready to engage expert support to help drive your business towards performance excellence.

Diagnostic and Assessment

TACK&TMI offer a range of diagnostic tools, 180 and 360 degree assessments, self-evaluation questionnaires and diagnostic processes to ensure an accurate understanding of current versus desired performance against role competencies.

Assessments are utilised before and after a learning intervention – both to evidence the level of improvement and return on investment, and to identify further development areas for individuals and teams.

Competency Modelling

TACK&TMI have developed competency models for effective sales professionals, sales managers and leaders, functional managers and leaders and high-performing individual contributors.

Our off-the-shelf solutions are based on our own, tried and tested, competency models that are underpinned by research and practical experience.

Our Consultants are accustomed to developing learning solutions utilising clients’ own competency models, and also offer a bespoke competency modelling service for clients who would like expert help to develop models specific to their teams and business needs.

Instructional Design

TACK&TMI develop fully bespoke, ‘from scratch’ learning solutions, blended solutions and long-term development Academies, across all our core curriculum areas of Sales and Sales Management, Customer Care, Leadership and Management, Personal Development and Performance Improvement.

Our Instructional Designers are experienced and talented in all areas of Training Programme Design, using the common models you would expect from any reputable global learning and development provider, such as Analyse>Design>Develop>Implement>Evaluate (ADDIE) – and many other models, tools and creative ideas that you may not expect too!

Based on decades of practical experience, monitoring of learning and development trends, advances in technology and the changing learning needs of generations, plus our own and third party research, TACK&TMI have developed – and continuously evaluates – a framework for learning materials to ensure ultimate effectiveness – both in terms of an engaging experience for your people, and in delivering measurable results for your business.

Programme Customisation

Whilst many of the classic, world-renowned TACK&TMI training programmes are still delivered to clients globally as ‘off the shelf’ programmes at our clients’ request, we also offers a full programme customisation service to tailor make learning interventions that fully reflect your specific needs, learning outcomes and objectives.

In close collaboration with you, our Consultant and Subject Matter Expert will develop your learning solution to ensure that the programme content, flow, materials and facilitation style is ‘made to measure’ for your people, your business and your desired results.


TACK&TMI’s global Network of high-calibre facilitators ensure that resources are available and can be well matched to your organisation’s requirement.

Our Facilitators can help to ensure your business meetings, strategy discussions, troubleshooting sessions, team meetings and events are a productive and positive experience that give clarity on next steps and deliver valuable outcomes.

Learning and Development Programme Delivery

When selecting Trainers for our clients’ learning and development interventions, we consider factors including, but not limited to: your organisation’s culture, the culture of the local market and the industry in which you operate, the subject matter, the seniority and current capability level of your learners, the required language for delivery and your preferred learning style.

In addition to delivering TACK&TMI’s flagship programmes, our network of Trainers are accustomed to delivering bespoke learning content – whether a co-created solution by TACK&TMI and the client organisation, or the client’s own learning solutions.

Delivery style varies, but all of our delivered learning solutions are highly interactive and engaging, involving plenty of live practice, coaching and professional advice for further performance improvement.

Measurement and Evaluation

Return on Investment for your learning and development initiatives is truly as important to us at TACK&TMI as it is to you and your organisation! We are committed to helping every client achieve measurable results.

We go the extra mile to ensure a clear understanding of what success looks like for you – and will work with you to agree the most appropriate measures and evaluations to meet your needs.

Whilst TACK&TMI’s ‘off-the-shelf’ and tailor-made programmes typically focus on Kirkpatrick Level 3 evaluation, we are naturally able to implement Level 4 evaluation and will discuss a variety of evaluation tools and methods with you as part of our consulting process.

Learning Management Systems

TACK&TMI support organisations with integrating and embedding learning and skills into the workplace through a variety of activities, tools and processes – including access to, and/or provision of an LMS.

Whether it’s simply administering pre-work and course details for a TACK&TMI open programme attendee and providing them with follow up resources to continue developing their skills post-event, or a complex global initiative requiring a bespoke learning management system, we can help.


Contact us to discuss how TACK & TMI can help you and your organisation to thrive.

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