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Our motto, We believe in the Individual, declares our commitment to building learning that makes a difference (for learners, teams and organisations alike). Our understanding of learners and their changing needs equips us to build blended learning that is both relevant and impactful. The learning landscape is changing rapidly, and the digital trends we address through our learning include:

  1. Make it bite-sized – it’s common knowledge that we learn best when we learn in ‘chunks’ (Miller, 1956). From French verbs to phone numbers, the smaller the chunk, the better the understanding – and the better the application of our new knowledge in the real world. Users of our Time Manager™ Philosophies will also recognise chunking in this way as ‘Eating the Elephant’; a tried and tested way to tackle tasks that may otherwise be overwhelming, difficult to progress, inconsequential or often postponed.
  2. Self-directed, at the point of need – learners expect to find answers to their learning needs through a quick search, when they need it. Increasingly, this is on the move or on the go – so mobile access is key.
  3. It’s all in the experience – Organisations and learners increasingly expect opportunities to ‘learn through doing’ – often accessing and consuming digital learning within a learning journey. Interactive simulations create opportunities for learners to fail in a safe environment and take valuable practice back to their everyday roles at work.

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