You have great sole players in the organization but they fail to align their values and objectives to the team ones. Your team is losing focus on the important matters. The communication between the team members could be much better. You would like to see your peers abiding to a shared culture and vision.

We are here to provide a structure that would help any group to transform itself into a winning team. By coaching your teams we can make it easier for them to face challenges, define shared goals, jointly build workable strategies and get inspiration from each other. Team coaching proves to make miracles and enable people to harness their creativity and leverage their potential thus generating superb team results.

Each dream is unique, each team is extraordinary. We follow each team’s agenda and encourage everyone to participate. We create safe yet challenging environment that allows for discovery, so that we make it possible for each team to make their dream come true.

Call us to explore how you can use coaching to support your team excellence.

Learning Objectives

  • To create time, space and structure of the team to consciously work on their assignment(s)
  • To make it possible for them to build habits to:
    • Focus their attention on what matters to them;
    • Streamline their thinking towards solutions, creativity, generating choices and making well-formed decisions;
    • Make it easy for them to activate themselves, create support structures that will help them to progress with their common objective, define accountabilities, succeed and celebrate achievements.

Solution-focused coaching

This is a powerful approach because it focuses on helping the coachee/s find solutions rather than problems or barriers.

NLP coaching

Understanding and using the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) in coaching can be truly helpful in a coaching process, because it can help people consistently enable their drive, motivation, reach goals and assist others with what they have learned.

Performance coaching

This is a process where the coach facilitates the development and action planning of the coachee/s so that the significant changes in performance in every aspect of their lives can be achieved.