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Over the past 40 years Thomas International has become a global provider of objective management systems and business assessment tools that help organisations recruit, retain, develop and train their people.

Thomas system enables employers to understand, realise and develop the full potential of their staff. We give managers the tools to motivate, stimulate and encourage individuals in the work environment by raising people’s self awareness, self esteem and confidence.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

40 years ago, Thomas was founded with the sole aim of helping build a world of higher human achievement by giving people an easier way of gaining a greater understanding of themselves and each other. At the heart of this goal was the belief that “difference makes the difference” when helping our customers form, develop and nurture individuals into teams to achieve a common purpose.

Within Thomas, we also celebrate that difference. By using our own solutions and insights, we aim to build a workforce that reflects all aspects of diversity to bring the widest range of perspectives, ideas and insights to everything we do.

We strive to create an inclusive workplace where our people are respected for their uniqueness, valued for their contribution, and empowered to reach their full potential. We want everyone in Team Thomas to feel they belong and feel psychologically safe to be their full, authentic self at work.

Thomas in numbers

  • Over 23 million assessments taken
  • Operations in 60 countries
  • Over 50 languages supported

Personal Profile Analysis /PPA/ is the perfect tool for ensuring an adequate recruitment and selection process and determining your employees’ individual training and career development needs.

It provides information on an assessment taker’s fears, motivators, values and behavioural style using four main profile factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

Assessment: In just 8 minutes, PPA provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, allowing you to gain greater certainty when recruiting and understand how to boost staff morale.

Detailed Profile: You are provided with an initial profile detailing a person’s strengths and limitations, their communication style, their value to the business, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under pressure.

Diverse Reports: The Thomas PPA comes with over 18 reports, that you can use to match people to jobs, sift CVs, manage, coach and develop your people.

Job Profiling enables you to quickly and effectively profile the job you are recruiting for. It gives you a template for a job into which you place a candidate with the best fit in terms of PPA profile.

Job Profiling is designed to help you think of a job in a natural and intuitive way. It is unique in its capability to quickly and effectively profile the job you are recruiting for. Before you can recruit the right person to the right job you must understand not only the candidate’s profile but also that of the job itself. Just as PPA enables you to understand the behavioural characteristics of an individual, job profiling helps you identify the behavioural requirements of a job.

Objectivity: Delivered either via software, it provides an extremely objective view of the characteristics required for the role. Like the PPA, the results are plotted on a graph. You can then compare the PPA profile against that of the job profile to assess how well that person would ‘fit’ the role.

Goodness to Fit: To assist in analysing ‘fit’ Thomas has designed a guideline (‘Goodness of Fit’) that offers external, expert opinion on how good a fit there is. The guideline reports five levels of fit, enabling you to see on a scale of one to five how good a match the PPA is to the role you are recruiting for.

The Thomas Team Audit System allows an organization to identify the ideal team culture, assess an actual team culture and provide a gap analysis in terms of behavioural and role fit shortfall. It also assesses every team member against the team culture. Its unique strength is that the system gets to the root cause of team problems in hours rather than months.

Key benefits:

  • Increases the performance levels of teams by matching them to the ideal culture needed.
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of team building by identifying root cause team problems.
  • Unique in that it takes hours rather than months to assess a team.
  • Predicts a team’s reaction to change and allows organisations to plan change with confidence.
  • Can be used at any level in an organisation.
  • Removes subjective team assessments.

When to use:

  • When teams are not performing
  • When strategy calls for a cultural change
  • If an organisation is not performing
  • To remove internal conflicts
  • After mergers and acquisitions
  • When team membership changes
  • As part of annual appraisal

Personality & Emotion Assessment

Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

Thomas’ emotional intelligence assessment, Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire /TEIQue/, can help your business understand employees emotions and how they approach the emotions of others in the workplace.

It measures 15 emotional traits concerning Well-Being, Self-Control, Emotionality and Sociability.

Detailed Reports: Understand a person’s strengths and limitations, how they react under pressure, how well they develop new relationships and how self-motivated and adaptable they are.

No right or wrong answers: There is no right or wrong way of using emotional intelligence. There are positive and negative implications for all the different scores within the questionnaire, which are explained in the reports.

Many different uses: The TEIQue is used for a number of purposes, including appraisals, leadership training, work and life coaching, talent development, measuring employee morale, team building, recruitment and selection and many more.

Use Thomas Tools in order for you to:

  • Employ the right people and make your Recruitment process easier, faster and more reliable.
  • Improve the Assessment and Performance appraisal procedures so that you are able to identify your key employees.
  • Assess the Training needs of your staff and design Development plans which will make them more successful at work.
  • Retain your key personnel.
  • Learn how to Manage and motivate each individual in a way that they perform better and are happy in their job.

Use Thomas as a service

Using Thomas as an external for the company system means using the Personal Profile Analysis, Human Job Analysis and Team Audit, Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire as tools, provided to your company by the Tack TMI Bulgaria certified Thomas experts.

Independent and in-house use of the Thomas HRM System

Obtaining the Thomas System by your company and ability to use it independently, with no participation of external consultant. This option includes:

  • training and certifying one or more professionals (usually human resource specialists) to work with the system,
  • obtaining web account to the on-line version of the Thomas system,
  • getting options for purchasing of units for profiling and generating reports.

Learn how to use psychometric tools in order to recruit candidates who match, understand what drives people, support personal development & improve teamwork

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