The right learning solution for your business and your people

Tack TMI’s expertise lies in our ability to quickly understand your business priorities, identify skills-gaps and design the right learning intervention for your organisation and your people.

Large or small, straightforward or complex, we understand the need to quickly demonstrate tangible return on investment for any learning and training. That’s why we believe in simplicity. Once we’ve identified desired outcomes and evaluated your current status, we work with you to co-design and implement the most relevant learning solution that will develop the skills and behaviours of your people – transforming their performance and that of your organisation.

Delivered through a series of events, a one-off workshop or blended with other learning methods and support tools such as Competency Analysers, Tack TMI Live or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT), our in-company solutions are customised to meet the learning preferences of your business and the preferred learning styles of your people.

Whether you are looking to improve the performance of your sales teams, develop a culture of leadership excellence or address specific personal development needs of your people, our philosophy of ‘learn it today, use it tomorrow’ ensures new skills are immediately embedded back in the work place.

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Vast client and industry experience built over 7 decades, unrivalled subject matter expertise and superior consultancy skills enable us to design and deliver impactful training solutions that deliver immediate and lasting results.

Large or small. Straightforward or complex. We work with you to create the right learning solution that will engage, inspire and motivate your people and enable your business to thrive.

Simply select the relevant development area to explore our full range of solutions.


Win new business. Maximise revenues. Retain customers.

Our Sales Excellence solutions develop the skills, know-how and confidence your salespeople need to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive sales environment.

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Deliver world-class service experiences that go beyond customers’ expectations.

In many organisations, service experience doesn’t go beyond commonplace customer service practice. Tack TMI will help you build a world-class customer service mindset from the inside out.

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Create a strong and consistent leadership culture. 

Our Leadership and Management solutions equip your leaders with the unique skills needed to inspire and motivate their teams to achieve more.

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Develop the skills your people and your business need to be successful tomorrow, today

Improve the personal effectiveness of your employees by developing the skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed.

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Navigate through your transformation journey

Great companies are the product of great cultures. Tack TMI take a holistic approach to any change initiative, factoring in structures, processes and capabilities as well as the critical human side of transformation.

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Take ownership of health and safety. 

Empower and enable sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance

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Learning Services

Based on research, practical experience and our understanding of learning trends and technologies, Tack TMI continuously develops its kitbag of services, tools and approaches to embed learning in your organisation.

We provide a range of flexible learning services to engage learners before, during and long after their training and development intervention.



Diagnostic & assessment

Competency modelling

Instructional design

Programme customisation


Measurement & evaluation

Learning management systems

In-company training solutions

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