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With over 110 years combined experience and expertise, Tack TMI are the global learning and development experts.

From more than 30 offices around the world, we deliver global programmes in 55 countries, in 37 languages, with one goal – help develop people and organisations to learn and thrive.

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How do we work?

Tack TMI Bulgaria is the new name of OD&M Consulting, the Gi Group training and development company. It was rebranded after Tack TMI became a part of Gi Group – one of the top 10 professional services companies in the world..

Thanks to our successful presence in the Bulgarian market for over 20 years, we have built a strong level of trust and expertise in understanding our customers’ needs and providing the right diagnostics and solutions for them.

Our flexibility and consulting approach allows us to fully customise our training programmes and adapt them to our customers’ needs while offering tailor made solutions.

We are chosen for our unique ability to inspire and enable people and organisations to release their true potential and achieve tangible results back on the job.

We are truly global

Tack TMI is a Global Network of more than 800 Consultants, Trainers, Facilitators and Instructional Designers, each bringing unique expertise in Tack TMI specialist learning and development solution areas.

88 Kniaz Aleksandar Dondukov blvd
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 896 253 097
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