A suite of TACK & TMI solutions for your top talent – from new Managers to Executive level.

Through TACK & TMI leadership and management courses, you’ll receive practical tools and knowledge that you can apply right away, for immediate impact when you return to your workplace .

Management is all about “creating results through, and together with, others”. As a participant, you will find that our management courses and programmes are designed to be relevant to people working in all types of industry, because they focus on management as a transferable skill-set.

All TACK & TMI leadership and management training courses aim to improve both the Manager’s own efforts and results and the performance of their employees.

TACK & TMI offer an extensive range of both standard and tailor made leadership and management courses which provide the hands-on knowledge, insights and techniques it takes to apply leadership approaches in practice – effectively. They enable managers to directly implement principles and integrate new habits in their daily work, whatever their chosen field or specific function.

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