Virtual Teambuilding

Happy Together… even when remote


  • Team Collaboration
  • Improving Communication
  • Informal Interaction
  • Relaxation & Having Fun


English or Bulgarian


Depends on delivery language and number of participants.
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This is an ideal solution for teams that work remotely and want an interactive and relaxing activity with the whole team!

TAGVENUE is a platform that integrates both a video-conferencing system and the activities of the teambuilding themselves.

Participants receive only one link by which they connect at the set time and date together, without having to download or install any other applications. Once on the platform, participants can see each other throughout the activities, even if the facilitator divides them into teams. Thus, the interaction between the teams will be present throughout the whole teambuilding.

The activities included are fun, creative, challenging like trivia or drawing, but most importantly they are highly customizable for the client’s team to boost energy and motivation.

We end the event with a group photo taken in the “photobooth” integrated in the platform.

Creativity, agility and teamwork will definitely be rewarded!


1 hour 30 minutes

TAGVENUE: Interaction with the whole team in real time!

In the 1960s, a wave of crimes went unresolved for lack of evidence. The case is now being reopened by your company’s team of detectives, who need to get to new evidence and a new set of clues that will help them unravel the mystery. But it will not be easy. The people directly involved are infiltrated into the entire system and you will be facing them every step of the way. You need to negotiate with them constantly, get over the surprise obstacles they have prepared for you, pay attention to details and use your instincts to reconstruct the evidence and expose the killer.”

Each team works separately to complete the missions. If the teams successfully complete the challenges, they receive parts of the story that indicate the killer, the murder weapon, and the motive. Each team receives a different set of clues, so it is very important for all teams to do their job. After going through all the missions, all get together in the main room and combine the clues to solve the mystery!


2 hours 30 minutes

Sherlock Holmes: Murder Mystery

Star of 2020 – the program mostly enjoyed by our clients

“On a cold, dark evening, the office colleagues who had stayed overtime got lost in the fog on their way home… A mysterious call has driven you – the rest of the team, to go and search for them, but soon you lose the right track too. A castle appears in the distance, but what if it is a haunted one… A witch has already caught you in her game. Escape before her jokes ruin your feng shui…”

This is an ideal activity for active relaxation. Challenges of moderate difficulty – logical and funny, puzzles that go beyond the limits of the virtual – they all involve participants in a unique escape mission. With an old-school graphics, simple and  intuitive, this program is very suitable for teams with different skills and abilities.

Each team works separately to complete the prepared missions. If they are successful, the team receives directions how to go on. At the end, after going through all missions, everyone meets in the main room and together we talk about how the activity was and how the teamwork, communication and creativity worked for everyone!


up to 2 hours 30 minutes


Virtual Teambuilding

Happy Together… even when remote

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Virtual Teambuilding – a possibility worth the try!