Leadership Skills for New Managers

After the thrill of being promoted or offered the role as a first time manager, the realities of finding ways to become successful at it, set in.


There is a limit to what a new manager can do to emulate those who have, in the past, managed the team. Different situations and people will demand the use of different approaches, methodologies and tools. Having a repertoire of these things are what a new manager will find the most useful to begin their new career successfully.


People making the transition to their first management role or are a newly appointed manager or a manager with some experience but no formal training.

 Key outcomes

  • Use a diagnostic tool to assess managerial capabilities.
  • Use tools and techniques to inform decision making around priorities, risks and time.
  • Improve your communication skills – develop your ability to listen effectively and express your message clearly and concisely.
  • Use your managerial authority appropriately – get the best results from your people and adapt your style to suit different team members.
  • Motivate, direct and develop the performance of your team.
  • Use delegation as a tool for the development of team members.
  • Achieve the company’s objectives through the performance of the team.


2-day training course on:
14-15   May 2024


299 euro, excl. VAT

Trainer: Blagovesta Nikolova

Blagovesta Nikolova is a consultant and trainer with experience in projects and processes management in the field of people development. She has vast expertise in design and delivery of in-house trainings for clients in various industries.

Blaga has more than 15 years of experience in multinational companies with various projects on increasing sales and customer service capacity, launching new programs for performance and talent management; training and coaching internal trainers.

She is an expert in competency-based selection, assessment, people and team development.