27 Sep
2 days
in Bulgarian
Sofia, Bulgaria

ASSERTIVENESS… or how to achieve your goals through effective communication

Assertiveness is an essential business skill – it enables you to voice your ideas, appropriately engage others in your decisions and articulate your point of view with clarity and conviction. There is a direct correlation between self-confidence and assertion. When we acquiesce to the beliefs of others, our lack of self-belief can kick in. We may even perceive that we don’t have a viable alternative, based on low levels of esteem we may hold about ourselves.


This course enables learning and practice in a safe environment, helping you to gain confidence in making positive, proactive and assertive statements in any given situation. Assertiveness requires sound judgement. Understanding when to be accommodating by taking a more flexible approach to a situation or a colleague’s point of view and when it is appropriate to articulate a strengthening argument or an altogether different point of view is a skill that can be learnt.


Everyone who believes that effective communciation is the true path to building long-term business and personal relationships of trust, loyalty and reached goals.

 Key outcomes

  • To know how to apply the specific principles of effective communication.
  • To know what different behaviours look like – aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive, manipulative, assertive.
  • To be able to identify what is their typical reaction in challenging situations and provocations.
  • To put your thoughts across in a clear and coherent manner.
  • To determine when it makes sense to hold back and when to articulate other ideas.
  • To remain professional at all times, never going beyond what’s acceptable when establishing authority.
  • Practice, practice, practice building assertion skills and self-confidence.


2-day training course on 27th and 28th September 2023


289 euro, excl. VAT

Trainer: Maria Alexandrova

Maria Alexandrova has vast experience as a lecturer and she has enriched her knowledge and skills in the field of intercultural differences and has gained skills to adapt to any kind of audience. She always puts her efforts and energy in finding the most satisfactory solution for everyone involved in challenging situations.

Moreover, her experience in working in stressful situations with a tight time frame has turned her into a suitable trainer for skills development courses in the field of Personal Effectiveness. Maria’s long experience as a Manager in one of the fastest growing financial institutions in Bulgaria and her practical experience gained in dealing with people and different businesses, allow her to combine excellent theory and practice.