Tack TMI Bulgaria has been delivering Outplacement Services for more than 15 years now.

As a part of the large international Gi Group we use the principles and sound professional methodology of outplacement by the largest and most successful outplacement provider in Italy – INTOO.

We are members of the largest affiliation of career transition companies – Career Star Group which ensures professional and ethical approach in line with the best global practices.

Global Coverage, Local Excellence

We are an international alliance of the world’s leading Outplacement providers

  • 49 years of experience
  • 70 countries
  • 770 offices
  • We work with 7,000 organizations worldwide

We support over 100,000 individual terminations/transitions annually.

We provide our clients in career transition with a strong blend of expertise. Not only one expert in outplacement but a team of specialized consultants will work for and with the clients in various areas like influencing interviewing, powerful application documents, networking, coaching for focus gaining, important decisions making and taking action towards the future successful occupation.

We know the challenges in career transition and we care for our clients. We support them all the way from making a sound decision for the future to making that future true.


Our delivery staff consists of experienced consultants and career coaches. Among them there are psychologist, sociologists, managers and people with strong business background. They are fully committed to their work, which expresses their personal values and beliefs. They are:

Experienced experts of labor market – each of them has been working with managers and specialists from many different companies and industries

Career consultants – they have many years of experience in business and they understand realities of work and career dilemmas of our clients

Trustworthy advisors – they understand the challenges and clients’ emotions because every one of them has conducted many individual outplacement sessions



  • Creating clear understanding of what are the further career opportunities, benefits and risks in:
  • Learning & Development – getting a degree, accreditation or certification
  • Enterprenuership – creating and runnig a freelance/ consulting practice or a SME
  • Corporate Career – continuing career in the same or another field within a corporate organization


  • Supporting the process of making the decision between the opportunities and moving forward towards action in a confident and motivated manner
  • Providing individual coaching to enhance the decision making process
  • Cover all aspects of the selected change, including motivation, benefits, risks, actions towards success


  • Building solid market understanding
  • Enhancing self-awareness and focusing on future career based on personal strengths and motivation
  • Creating a customised target plan
  • Designing powerful application documents
  • Preparing for influencing interviews
  • Identifying hidden opportunities and pro-active presentation to employeers