Our Story

Over the past 30 years Thomas International has become a global provider of objective management systems and business assessment tools that help organisations recruit, retain, develop and train their people.


Thomas system enables employers to understand, realise and develop the full potential of their staff. We give managers the tools to motivate, stimulate and encourage individuals in the work environment by raising people’s self awareness, self esteem and confidence.

Thomas instruments for the analysis of profiling are based on the DISC theory, which allows a better understanding of personality and effective people management.

The System has proved its validity with assessment of more than 4 mln. employees, 30 000 clients, represented in over 50 countries and applied in 56 different languages.

Personal Profile Analysis /PPA/ is the perfect tool for ensuring an adequate recruitment and selection process and determining your employees’ individual training and career development needs.

Human Job Analysis /HJA/ provides a description of the behavioural requirement of a job.

Team Audit is used for developing existing teams and assuring the right selection of individuals for the formation of new ones.

Use Thomas Tools in order for you to

  • Employ the right people and make your Recruitment process easier, faster and more reliable.
  • Improve the Assessment and Performance appraisal procedures so that you are able to identify your key employees.
  • Assess the Training needs of your staff and design Development plans which will make them more successful at work.
  • Retain your key personnel.
  • Learn how to Manage and motivate each individual in a way that they perform better and are happy in their job.